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LN Tallur: Interference

The exhibition features Tallur L.N.’s video work Interference, in which he captures the cleaning of a near-two-century-old carpet unfolding in slow motion over four minutes. The particular carpet in the video – with its floral patterning and brilliant green – was once presented to Muhammad Mahabat Khan III, the last ruling nawab of the princely state of Junagadh. It was a gift from the jail administration, where imprisoned freedom fighters wove every inch of its body under watchful eyes in the late 1800s. Since then, it has been walked on by many, including ministers, royalty, guests, colonial officers, executives and curators. The dust, and its explosive re-entrance into the world of today, embodies time itself, and its slow trudge across the carpet’s length over all these decades.

Tallur is interested in the anxieties, fears and desires that shape history, colonialism and global capitalism, and his work pushes us to reconsider the accumulation of meaning over time, opening up the relationship between object and symbol for deeper investigation. As a part of its digital opening, MAP presents Interference, which expresses many of Tallur’s thematic concerns and interests.

A grey haired man's back faces the camera as he beats dust out of a green and red carpet with a rod while wearing a striped blue and white shirt and brown pants.

Tallur LN: Interference

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