What you can support

MAP’s efforts can be supported through donations which are all directed to the museum’s endowment fund so you can be a part of our continued progress. Listed below are areas that can also benefit from your contribution.

All donations are tax deductible as per 80G regulations and we are also able to receive CSR grants and donations from abroad.

MAP's exterior wall featuring a mural by Marco Santini

The Education & Outreach team at MAP is constantly ideating new ways of stimulating creativity, critical thinking and communication skills in children through art.

Contribute towards these efforts and help young people from all walks of life.


MAP is making the most of what technology and the digital realm have to offer by designing immersive experiences for the audience.

Help us in developing innovative ways of interacting with artworks.


MAP’s conservation lab plays a crucial role in saving India’s artistic heritage.

Help us to continue preserving the country’s tangible heritage for generations to come.


Help MAP expand its collection of unique artworks.

Your name will be acknowledged wherever the objects are displayed, both online and offline.

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