Education in art and culture is one of MAP’s key focus areas. We believe that a thriving arts sector can benefit the lives of people of all ages and all walks of life.

The Education team at MAP regularly curates a variety of programmes that cater to a wide range of audiences, from kids and teens to adults. These may take the form of workshops for school students or capacity building for teachers, art appreciation courses for adults, or open-to-all public lectures. With our vibrant programming, we hope to offer audiences new ways of engaging with our collection and understanding the holistic role of art and culture in our lives.

Discover MAP's learning programmes and activities below


Kids & Families

At MAP, we aim to curate and deliver programmes that are interactive, innovative and keep children creatively engaged. Browse our range of interactive programmes for Kids & Families and let the fun, learning and creating begin!


School Groups

Our education team curates a range of online and physical programmes designed specifically for school groups. MAP hopes to transform the static museum space into an enriching out-of-classroom experience for students. Sign up to give your students a new and creative way of learning.



Designing professional training programmes for educators is intrinsic to MAP’s education and outreach mission. Using artworks in MAP’s collection, our team creates lesson plans and offers skill development programmes that can be used by educators to enrich their classroom practice.


Adult Audiences

MAP offers a range of resources and programmes, such as workshops and lectures, that are suitable for engaging adult audiences. Sensitising the public to India’s rich cultural and artistic heritage is an equally important aspect of our mission.


Community & Access

MAP designs special programmes for audiences with disabilities as well as those from marginalised communities. We are committed to being an inclusive museum, with a 360-degree approach to accessibility, whether it is in our architectural design or education programming.