Our Brand Identity

MAP’s logo reflects our vision of retracing the interdisciplinary relationship between the arts.
Moving away from the earlier canons of art history, we at MAP hope to create new narratives that celebrate the interconnection between art forms and genres. Designed in the shape of a hexagon, or a six-sided M, our logo represents the museum’s collection across six disciplines – Pre-Modern, Modern & Contemporary, Photography, Living Traditions, Popular Culture, and Textiles, Craft & Design, constantly reframed into new configurations that reflect our desire to be ever evolving.

We are committed to creating a new-age, one-of-a-kind museum that initiates ideas and conversations through art. We collaborated with BrandMusiq to create a unique sonic identity for MAP. Our Mogo® or ‘musical logo’ is the sonic essence of the MAP brand and evokes the institution’s core values, emotions and persona – to be innovative, experimental, reflect a sense of discovery that is playful and joyous while remaining guardians of our heritage. The idea is to provide a bridge between the classical and the modern, the traditional and the contemporary, the past and the present.