Name a Seat

Have your name, or that of a loved one, engraved in the Mazumdar-Shaw Auditorium.

The Mazumdar-Show Auditorium at MAP will host talks, performances, and screenings. It will be a place to learn, share ideas, meet new people, and dive deeper into the themes of our exhibitions.

Hear from Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw about how you can make a difference.

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Your chosen name will be engraved on a seat, for 10 years.

Please connect with the team to verify the availability of the seat. The layout on the left is for reference only.

Write to MAP’s Head of Development & Inclusion, Carolina Artegiani at or fill in your details below and we will contact you.

    Please note:
    1. The seats are allocated on a first-come-first-serve basis. We are updating the seating layout as soon as we can, but to confirm the availability of your chosen seats please connect with us.
    2. The naming of a seat is a philanthropic gesture and will not guarantee priority of booking or any privileged use of the seats; they all remain available for the public to book and occupy.