Support through CSR

There are a number of ways in which your company can engage with MAP. We would welcome your support in the form that is most suitable for your company.

Find out below.

support-through-csr 'A Girl Looking at a 'Sanjha' She Made, Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh' by Jyoti Bhatt, 1989, Silver gelatin print, PHY.00493
Corporate Social Responsibility

Whether your CSR agenda includes the arts, education, work with people with disabilities or women empowerment, we can collaborate on impactful projects.

Arts & Culture is recognised as part of CSR in India, under Schedule VII of the Companies Act, 2013.


Enjoy brand alignment, visibility, and client and employee entertainment by sponsoring MAP’s programmes.

Our Communications team will work with you in designing dedicated marketing campaigns to achieve your desired objectives. A recent example is TCS’ sponsorship of the Art (Is) Life Festival.

In-Kind Support

In-kind contributions in the form of products or services can help to relieve our yearly budget and spark innovative projects.

A recent example is the collaboration with the Accenture Labs, with whom we co-created India’s first conversational, digital persona of the late artist MF Husain.


Gift your employees and clients a yearlong MAP Membership for access to a range of online events, exhibitions and programmes. We offer corporate discounts on bulk purchase of MAP memberships.

Please reach out to our Memberships team on to learn more.

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