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VISIBLE/INVISIBLE: Representation of Women in Art through the MAP Collection

The digital exhibition of VISIBLE/INVISIBLE explores the complexities in how women of the Indian subcontinent have been represented in art for centuries. It urges audiences to come closer, observe and reflect upon the realities of these women; through a varied collection of art from the tenth century, to contemporary works accompanied by reflective poetry.

Looking through a gendered lens, it is an attempt to question stereotypes, preconceived notions of femininity, and implores one to rethink past and current experiences, struggles, perceptions and stories of women. While artworks/artistic representation often surround the subject of femininity and of women, these works have largely been created in a patriarchal environment. As a response to this argument VISIBLE/INVISIBLE creates a space for exploration, for women to reclaim their voices and to take ownership of their roles in society, as well as at home, and to construct their own identities. Taking an inclusive approach to highlighting these realities of women, this exhibition unfolds four narratives: Goddess and Mortal; Sexuality and Desire; Power and Violence; and Struggle and Resistance. Through contradictions, challenges, silences and celebration, these narratives have been woven together to encourage audience awareness of the histories and role of women and gender in art.

This online exhibition coincides with the exhibition at MAP, Bengaluru. More details of which can be seen here.

Installation view of VISIBLE/INVISIBLE at MAP, Bengaluru

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