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With great ease: The photography of T. S. Satyan

On the occasion of T. S. Satyan’s birth centenary, this exhibition showcases how Satyan’s work goes beyond traditional photojournalism and reframes him as an artist with individual authorship. His photographic style was marked by an effortless fluidity — his images are not meticulously planned or overly staged; they unfold naturally, reflecting freedom and curiosity.

Considered one of the earlier photojournalist in the country, Satyan’s believed in the role of the lens as an impartial recorder of time. He went on to cover landmark moments in the country’s history, important cultural personalities while at the same time making the camera drift into moments of sincerity and kindness.

MAP is grateful to the T. S. Satyan Family Trust for gifting its entire archive, which includes over 21,000 prints, negatives, contact sheets, newspaper clippings and more.


Untitled Agartala, Tripura, 1971, Silver gelatin print, PHY.07910, Gifted by the T. S. Satyan Family Trust.

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