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Painted Stitches, Woven Stories-II

Painted Stitches, Woven Stories takes you on a journey to discover variations of woven textiles in clothing, photographs, paintings and contemporary art. The second part traces the making of tie-dyed textiles and reflects on its histories across the world. Tie and dye techniques like ikat and bandhani were developed in different parts of the world historically, creating designs which visualised local stories and customs on hand-made cloth.

The exhibition initiates an interaction between the 19th and 20th century textiles of Central Asia, Southeast Asia and the Indian subcontinent with contemporary art. It expresses environmental, emotional and sensorial nuances by asking questions like — How do makers tie and dye textiles? What is the link between sunlight, water and dying of cloth? Did common people and royalty clothe themselves with the same type of garments? How do patterns and motifs indicate local customs? How did the design of resist dyed textiles affect trade between the Indian subcontinent and other regions of the world?


Painted Stitches, Woven Stories-II

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