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See, Think, Wonder

What makes art socially relevant? From documenting human history to advocating for change, art has long played a significant role not only in shaping our understanding of the world, but also our own role within it. Art can provide us invaluable insights into our past, challenge existing political and social conditions, reflect our cultural values and traditions, provide minority and neglected voices an opportunity for expression, and inspire belief in our collective capacity to create change.

Exploring some of these facets, MAP See, Think, Wonder, which is an amalgamation of young voices and fresh perspectives, reimagining not only the ways in which art makes us look at the world but also the ways in which we look at art.

See, Think, Wonder brings together a curated selection of outcomes from MAP’s recently piloted Teen Takeover programme. Through this programme, MAP in collaboration with the Kolkata based arts organisation ThinkArts, engaged with over 30 young Indian teenagers to actively participate in cultural dialogues with chosen artworks from the Museum’s collection that were either produced in times of socio-political and cultural transformation, or that address matters of social relevance.


See, Think, Wonder

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