New Directions in Collecting and Reviving the Folk, Tribal and Traditional Art of India

Exploring indigenous art and artists in India with Mitchell Crites

In this illustrated talk, Mitchell A K Crites records some of his experiences over the last half-century interacting with the folk, tribal and traditional artists of India. He examines the lives and challenges faced by some of the early indigenous artists who managed to achieve master status as well as for those who didn’t and why. Other topics include the joy, importance, and rewards of collecting folk and tribal art, the pressures that these gifted artists have to navigate in today’s art world, and the urgent need and possibilities that exist to support and nourish indigenous art in all its diverse forms. In addition, we explore the exciting new directions and trends in these remarkable art forms – from Uttarakhand to Kanyakumari.

This Deep Dive is supported by Sonata Software.


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