Imagining the Museum

Suhanya Raffel, Koyo Kouoh & Kamini Sawhney in conversation with András Szántó

During the pandemic, New York-based cultural strategist András Szántó authored The Future of the Museum: 28 Dialogues, a book that explores the challenges and untapped potential of art museums through 28 conversations with museum directors. Inspired by the idea of his book, this star panel brings together museum leaders from around the world in conversation with him, representing young institutions from Hong Kong (M+ Museum), Cape Town (Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art Africa) and Bengaluru (MAP).

Exploring the common conditions and diverse contexts that inform their ideas of what defines museums and their future, this panel offers a glimpse into how the institution of the museum is being reimagined and reinvented today.

Fittingly, this session also marks the launch of MAP’s new programme Director’s Cut that will present a unique opportunity to hear from museum directors around the world reflecting on their institutional experiences, behind-the-scenes challenges, unique initiatives and more.


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