City Silhouettes

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Rachana Mahadimane

City Silhouettes


April 23, 2022    
11:00 am - 1:00 pm


Bookings closed

Urban sketching can be described as the practice of illustrating what is around you – a city that you live in or travel to, or objects around your home like a mug of coffee or a fruit basket. It is a way of capturing your vision of the world that you live in, from direct observation. 

Join this workshop facilitated by Rachana Mahadimane, to learn about the art of sketching an urban scene and finishing it with watercolours.

This is a beginner friendly workshop and does not need advanced expertise in drawing/sketching. Participants will sketch through observation of a photograph and follow along with the instructor in a step-by-step process. The reference image will be shared in advance with participants.

Materials required:

1. 2b pencil and eraser

2. An A5 size watercolour sketchbook

3. A small pocket size watercolour pan

4. Round tip paint brushes – Sizes 8 & 12 

5. A small cup to hold water

6. Cotton rag or tissue paper to dab off paint

7. Masking tape

8. A tube of white paint


The attached links to materials are only a reference. Participants are free to use existing materials, or to buy any brand of choice.

This workshop will not feature Indian sign language interpretation. If you would like us to make arrangements for this, please write to



Bookings are closed for this event.

Rachana Mahadimane


Rachana Mahadimane is a watercolour artist based in Bengaluru. She has had a penchant for drawing and painting since she was a child which led her to pursue a career in architecture. After a short stint as an architect, she gave up her practice to pursue painting full time.

Her paintings are inspired by her own travels and the city life she witnesses in Bengaluru. She focuses largely on landscapes but also enjoys painting different subjects such as florals, portraits and urban sketching. She enjoys painting plein-air which helps her capture the atmosphere and essence of a scene. She also experiments with different surfaces and one of her popular projects includes producing miniature hand-painted clay jewellery.

Pottery is one of her other interests and she produces hand-built and hand-painted pottery. She currently works out of her home studio in the south of Bengaluru.

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