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‘We hope to change the way people experience museums’

“Museum of Art & Photography (MAP), a private museum located in Bengaluru, opened its door to the public this month. Its founder and trustee  Abhishek Poddar tells Vaishali Dar how the new space for ideas, storytelling, dialogue and cultural exchange will help build a museum-going culture.

Is MAP going to democratise art and change the whole museum-going experience?

Yes, we are aiming to inspire a change in the public’s relationship with art by democratising it and making it enjoyable and relevant for everyone. We hope to change the way people experience museums as engaging spaces that will help build a museum-going culture. Art has always been a way of life in India, but that connection seems to have snapped somewhere along the way and we hope to re-establish that again. We seek to inspire people to interact with art in ways that encourage humanity, empathy, and a deeper understanding of the world we live in. People must recognise the importance of engaging with our art and heritage, and for them to feel comfortable enough to interact with art in museums.”

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