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Mindful Mornings

2024-04-25 13:24:45

Ananya Chaudhuri

Mindful Mornings


July 9, 2023 - July 30, 2023    
7:30 am - 8:30 am


Bookings closed


Museum of Art & Photography
22 Kasturba Road, Bengaluru, Karnataka, 560001
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Yoga, G Reghu, India, 2009, Ceramic stoneware, H. 11.5 cm, W. 28.2 cm, D. 8 cm, MAC.01045

How can we be more mindful of ourselves and our needs? Do we take out enough time for moments of self care amidst hectic schedules? How do we listen to our inner voices through the chaos that surrounds us? Join us every Sunday morning this July – from the 9th onwards – for a series of guided meditative and yoga sessions with Ananya Chaudhuri.

These sessions, aimed at exploring mindful practices that inform and engage with the self, will delve into concepts of meditation, demonstrating movement and flow through breathing practices and yoga. Whether you need a minute to unwind from a busy week, or to reset and re-calibrate for the week ahead, these sessions will help you restore and reconnect with yourself.

These sessions have been organised as part of programming around our exhibition Mindscapes: In the company of others.

Mindscapes is an international cultural programme about mental health developed by the Wellcome Trust with an aim to change how we understand, address and talk about mental health by bringing together cultural, policy and research folks.

Dates: 9th July, 16th July, 23rd July, 30th July 2023

These are free events with limited spots available, and pre-registration is required. Participants may register for one or multiple sessions, as desired. Suitable for all age groups, no prior experience required. Participants are expected to bring their own mats and water bottle. 


Bookings are closed for this event.

Ananya Chaudhuri

Yoga Teacher

After 14 years of working in the IT, ITES and Travel sectors as a Human Resources personnel, Ananya Chaudhuri left the corporate and media worlds and decided to pursue her passion in yoga. Certified in Hatha yoga from the Sivananda Ashram, she has been practising and teaching yoga for more than 13 years. These years of training have left her with a sense of being at peace with herself, which has been the greatest motivating factor for her to pursue teaching. This contributed towards the idea of forming ‘Prana Tattwa’ in 2009, with the aim to teach stress free techniques to people from all walks of life; specifically, those in the corporate sector. At present, she’s a full time wellness and lifestyle coach.

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