An Introduction to Miniature Painting

2024-05-25 07:15:50

An Introduction to Miniature Painting


December 2, 2023    
2:30 pm


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HDFC Ltd Learning Centre
HDFC Ltd Learning Centre, Lower Ground Floor, MAP, Bengaluru
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Portrait of Raja Bhupal Dev of Jasrota, Unknown, mid 18th century, Jammu and Kashmir, India, Opaque watercolour on paper, Image: H. 18 cm, W. 23 cm; Frame: H. 30.5 cm, W. 40.5 cm, PTG.00523.

Join us for an immersive miniature painting session with artist Riyaz Uddin. Manuscript or ‘miniature’ paintings are renowned for their meticulous craftsmanship, intricate detail, and delicate brushwork. Drawing on this classical tradition of courtly painting, Riyaz Uddin is a master artist from Jaipur who presents contemporary, and often playful takes on subjects using the traditional form. In this session, participants will witness a live demonstration and be guided to create an artwork of their own in the miniature style! 

This workshop is designed to be an inclusive and enriching experience, welcoming participants of all backgrounds and skill levels. All necessary supplies will be provided.  

This event is organised in conjunction with MAP’s exhibition, What the Camera Didn’t See: Alexander Gorlizki / Pink City Studio.



This event is fully booked.

Riyaz Uddin

Riyaz Uddin is the Master Miniature Artist at the Pink City Studio, established in 1996 by Alexander Gorlizki in Jaipur, Rajasthan. Working alongside Gorlizki and Riyaz’s students and assistants, the Pink City Studio has evolved over the past 27 years into an association of artists dedicated to the 700 year old miniature tradition. While the materials, techniques and meticulous brushwork remain true to their origins, the new whimsical narratives, forms and patterns expand the boundaries to reflect a visual language spanning history, geography, and cultures. Within these works, different schools of miniature paintings coexist with classical western references, pop and cartoon imagery, often with a fluid transition between figuration and abstraction.

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