Inclusion at MAP

At the core of MAP’s mission to democratise art, is to be an institution that is inclusive, diverse, and a  museum dedicated to making art accessible all. MAP has adopted several measures to ensure the building, its programming, content and HR practices are able to support people from all walks of life.

Inclusion Team at MAP
MAP employs people with disabilities to give MAP practical and real-world experience, as well as allowing us to promote equal opportunities, breaking down barriers and stereotypes.

The Building
Mathew & Ghosh, in collaboration with Diversity and Equal Opportunity Centre (DEOC), integrated comprehensive accessibility features in our building design. This includes doorways, passages, staircase dimensions, restroom facilities and lift locations. Braille signage through the museum space, and audio announcements in the elevators, allows access and engagement for those with visual disabilities. Our Audio Guides provide exhibition narratives that accommodate individuals with various impairments, including visual, auditory and mobility challenges. Hearing loops in our Auditorium and Learning Centre enhance the auditory experience for individuals who are deaf/hard of hearing. The Quiet Room provides a safe haven for those who might experience a sensory overload. Evacuation chairs stationed at every floor allow those with physical impairments to move to designated assembly points, with ease.

Tactile works in exhibitions
Our tactile objects invite visitors to explore art through touch, enhancing the sensory experience for visitors with visual disabilities.

ISL For Programmes & Engagements
At all of our events, whether they’re happening online or in person, MAP includes Indian Sign Language interpretation, ensuring our events are accessible to people who are Deaf or hard of hearing.

Digital Accessibility Features
MAP’s website features an accessibility panel with twelve different settings, that include dyslexic friendly fonts, settings for text sizing, alignment and height, contrast and saturation and more. The digital museum also features several user-specific accessibility features that can be browsed through the menu.

Conferences and Events

Inclusion in Cultural Organisations Conference: MAP’s day-long conference, held in July 2023 drew a tremendous response from people with disabilities. The conference will be an annual event at the museum.

IWDP ‘23: In celebration of the International Week of Deaf People, MAP hosted an array of events, film screenings, walkthroughs and talks. Our Inclusion team collaborated with organisations like Hear a Million to present programming that explored the significance of Indian Sign Language and Deaf culture in our society.

Purple Fest: Celebrating Diversity 2024: Organised by the Office of the State Commissioner for Persons with Disabilities in Goa, Purple Fest aims at promoting a welcoming world for everyone. MAP hosted a tactile booth offering an exhibition-style display, accompanied by an exclusive audio guide for a comprehensive experience. This was the second year of participation at the festival by MAP.

ReReeti Research Study: MAP collaborated with ReReeti to understand the challenges that people with disabilities face, while accessing museums and other arts and cultural spaces. You can read the Needs & Expectations of People with Disabilities for Museums in India Report here.