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Abstract art is a curiosity that evades standard definitions, but within art historical timelines is usually understood as an art movement in the early 20th century. Some people note however, that signs of abstraction can be seen in the material traces of the earliest civilisations of the world and even in the prehistoric cave paintings, if you look carefully!

This pack explores the work of a prominent Indian abstract artist in the MAP collection – Alwar Balasubramaniam, more popularly known as A. Bala, whose work is often about making the invisible visible! 

This Discover MAP pack includes:

  • An artist exploration guide – Look at A. Bala's works and puzzle out what they reveal or play with
  • MAP Activity Sheet – Create abstract art by rolling the dice with chance today
  • MAP DIY Guide – Make your Bala-inspired work that deals with the Big Ideas in life

[ZIP file with 3 PDFs]


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