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Jyoti Bhatt is a Modernist artist, printmaker as well as photographer. His photographic works have two significant bodies of work - namely the portrait series comprising of his contemporaries and family combined with an exploration of self-portraits. The other is his extensive documentation of rural Indian culture and art forms. He worked across mediums like printmaking and constantly experimented with the visuals he created and their aesthetics. Learn more about this master artist in our Discover MAP resource pack.  This Discover MAP pack includes:    
  • An exploration guide – Get an insight into the works of Jyoti Bhatt
  • MAP Stories With Art – Using inspiration from a Jyoti Bhatt portrait, sketch a portrait of a friend or family member, using given prompts. 
  • MAP Activity Sheet – Inspired by Jyoti Bhatt’s quirky, experimental collage works, create your own collage art. 
[ZIP file with 3 PDFs]


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