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A unique medium of storytelling—prevalent across the length and breadth of India—is that of the scroll. From the eastern corners of Bengal to the deserts of Rajasthan and the deep south, the scroll has been a constant companion of itinerant bards who travel from village to village, unrolling them in front of eager audiences and narrating the stories they hold.

With this resource,travel across the length and breadth of the country from the western deserts of Rajasthan to the eastern southern state of Telangana to discover two unique scroll painting traditions, create posters inspired by their form as well as content and more! 

This Discover MAP pack includes:   

  • An introductory guide to Rajasthani phad painting and the Telangana Cheriyal scrolls
  • MAP DIY Guide – Be inspired to create your own phad-inspired posters
  • MAP Colouring Sheets – Give your creativity a spin with these Cheriyal scroll character templates

[ZIP file with 3 PDFS]


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