The Art of Arpita Singh


Discover MAP Artists
Age: 10+

“In the technique or effect of my work, some things are visible and some are not. Some things that were coming up are submerged.” – Arpita Singh

Born in pre-Independent India, Arpita Singh ranks among India’s most well-known contemporary artists. For an artist not given to complex explanations of her own art, Singh’s works are quite complex – in themes, techniques and use of colour.

With this resource, explore patterning and techniques, colour palettes and symbols, create your own comics and more! 

This Discover MAP pack includes: 

  •  An introduction to Arpita Singh through a close look at her works, exploring her unique style
  • MAP DIY Guide – playing with textures and their effect
  • MAP Activity Sheet – puzzle out the meanings that might be hidden in Arpita Singh’s works and create your own symbolic painting
  • MAP Stories with Art – bring some Arpita-inspired superheroes to life

[ZIP file with 4 PDFs]