The Dotted Line

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““I think of my art like my own family. It is like a child that has changed my life. How I was, where I was, my style of living, my livelihood, all this my art changed.” – Bhuri Bai

Bhuri Bai is an artist, illustrator and muralist born in the mid 1960s in a remote village called Pithol, at the border of Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh. She was the first woman from her community – the Bhils – to paint on paper and canvas. Learn about her life, challenge your imagination, hone your storytelling skills and more with this resource!

This Discover MAP pack includes:

  •  An introduction to Bhuri Bai and her unique style of painting that draws upon the pithora tradition of her community
  • MAP DIY Guide – create an autobiographical narrative of your own
  • MAP Stories with Art – test your skills of observation and imagination with a fun creative exercise
  • MAP Colouring Sheets – paint like Bhuri Bai or make up your own signature style

[ZIP file with 4 PDFs]


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