The Alchemist

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“Peace is not good for an artist. How can that happen? The mind strives and burns all the time in the creative activity of art.” – Jamini Roy

An average Bengali household in any part of the world is likely to have three things in common – a portrait of the Vaishnava saint Ramakrishna, one of his disciple Vivekananda and a painting by Jamini Roy.

Use this resource to learn about one of India's most well known modern artists, the manner in which he reinvented artistic folk styles and more!

This Discover MAP pack includes:

  •  A guide to the life, times and practice of Jamini Roy
  • MAP DIY Guide – learn to make your own colours with items handy at home
  • MAP Colouring Sheets – get creative with some Jamini creations
  • MAP Stories with Art – power up your imaginations and build Jamini-inspired worlds

[ZIP file with 4 PDFs]


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