Spaces in Art

Spaces in Art

Discover MAP Themes
Age: 10+

Space is the breath of art.
– Frank Lloyd Wright, American Architect

Space is one of the primary elements of both visual art and the material world. As a reflection of the world around us, physical space has been a consistent subject of art through history.

With this resource, you can explore artist representations of outdoor spaces, notions of scale in these, build your own imaginary landscapes and more! 

This Discover MAP pack includes: 

  • A journey from mountains to backwaters and villages to cities, investigating the depiction of outdoor spaces in the MAP collections 
  • MAP DIY Guide I – shadows might be used to tell the time, but can you also create artworks with them?
  • MAP DIY Guide II – recreate an outdoor scene in a shoebox! 

[ZIP file with 3 PDFs]