Painting A Red Sky

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Figurative art refers to any form of art that retains strong references to the real world and objects. It also refers to the representation of the human figure in artworks, however altered it may be. It is most commonly used to describe art that explores figurative elements alongside abstract idioms, such as exaggerated colours or distorted forms.

This pack explores the work of a prominent Indian figurative artist in the MAP collection – Manjit Bawa. Bawa drew inspiration from Indian mythology and folklore, creating unique and vibrantly colored paintings and prints.

This Discover MAP pack includes:

  • An artist exploration guide – Look at Manjit Bawa's works and see how old icons are given new looks
  • MAP Stories With Art – Meet some characters with familiar stories and rewrite them as you like
  • MAP DIY Guide – Set up a screen printing station at home and have fun creating your own prints

[ZIP file with 3 PDFs]


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