Fantastic Beasts

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"she told me she'd be a phoenix." The image of the mythical creature rising from the ashes glitters in my mind. "They don't really exist." "She said that depends on whether or not there's someone who can see them." –  My Sister's Keeper, Jodi Picoult

Our interest in the animal world is as old as time. Even before we learnt how to farm or build houses, we were drawing animals in our cave walls, spinning magical stories around them and venerating them in our shrines. From flying horses and fiery dragons to sea monsters and hybrid half human-half animal deities, a world of fantastic beasts reside in our art, mythologies and legends.

This Discover MAP pack includes:

  • An encounter with some of the fantastic creatures in MAP's collections – explore where they come from, how they're represented and more!
  • MAP Stories with Art – create your own magical tales, from the incredible to the imagined, inspired by medieval bestiaries that functioned as encyclopaedias of animals
  • Colouring Sheets – try your hand at experimenting with outlines of hybrid creatures from the MAP collections

[ZIP file with 3 PDFs]


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