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Madhubani is an art form belonging to a district in Bihar, also known as Madhubani. It started it's journey as a mural tradition made for ritualistic purposes, later moving to paper and canvases produced for commercial use. The painting style is characterised by flatly applied bright colours, double outlines and intricate geometric and floral designs. 

In this pack, learn more about the tradition, spend time colouring some Madhubani paintings from the MAP collection, make a Madhubani painting for yourself and much more!

This Discover MAP pack includes: 

  • Enter the world of Madhubani, know what makes them special and learn about an artist who is keeping the tradition alive.
  • MAP Activity Sheet – Try your hand at making a contemporary Madhubani painting.
  • MAP Stories with Art – Look closely at Madhubani paintings and make your own meanings about them.
  • MAP Colouring Sheets - Get creative and experiment with colours using these Madhubani outlines

[ZIP file with 3 PDFs]


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