Of Home and Displacement

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The Journey of Thumri

Women performers, many of them lost in the pages of history, have been at the forefront of preserving the legacy of thumri, one of Indian music’s most important – and misunderstood – genres.

Abhilasha Ojha

The Fantastical World of Karen Knorr’s ‘India Song’ Series

A closer look at photographs from Karen Knorr’s acclaimed ‘India Song’ series that occupy a significant place in MAP’s vast contemporary photography collection.

Krittika Kumari

Why I Love Art: The Art of Numbers

A writer pens her love for tracking the Indian art auction market, and the thrill of finding record breaks, repeat sales and various market trends in the process.

Kaavya Lakshman
The Jangarh Idiom

The Jangarh Idiom

Dr Jyotindra Jain on Jangarh Singh Shyam, one of the most accomplished and individualistic Pardhan Gond artists who is responsible for the popularisation of the so-called “Gond School of...

Dr. Jyotindra Jain
On A Roll!

On A Roll!

Who does not like stories? From the earliest humans drawing mysterious motifs on cave walls to an online video gone viral – we are really just finding ever-innovative ways...

Shubhasree Purkayastha