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Driving Miss Crazy

The streets of Bangalore, fragmented and splintered, make way for an unlikely friendship.

Riya Kumar

How the Plague Outbreak Led to a New Township in Bengaluru

The origin story of Fraser Town, an area that came to be as a result of the Mysore administration’s response to the devastating plague epidemic in the early 20th century.

Basav Biradar

A Court of Dolls

No Dasara celebration is complete without the Navratri Golu. Handcrafted in various sizes and shapes, the dolls come together each year to narrate riveting tales.

Shailaja Tripathi
A Tryst with History: Anglo-Indian Cuisine

A Tryst with History: Anglo-Indian Cuisine

Reminiscing of her childhood and familial traditions, author Bridget White-Kumar uncovers the evolution of Anglo-Indian cuisine in the Indian subcontinent, which is among the first examples of fusion food in the world.

Bridget White-Kumar
The Melting Pot: Parsi Cuisine

The Melting Pot: Parsi Cuisine

As a community the Parsis were known for their philanthropy, traditions, and values of educating, but most of all for their food and culture. Read about the role of Parsi food in the ever-changing cultural landscape of Mumbai.

Girinandini Singh