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Why I Love Art: Greedy Eyes, Hungry Bengal

A writer seeks to uncover the history and emotional experiences of her family, community and nation, through the works of Chittaprosad.

Tanvi Dhariwal

India's Most Expensive Artists

A glimpse at the leading artists of the country and their artworks that hold the record of being the most expensive paintings to have been sold in the history of Indian art.

Krittika Kumari

A Cuisine Born Through the Whims of a King

Read about the culinary legacy of the Awadhi kingdom, which was a confluence of trade, travel and art that flourished through the Indian subcontinent before the advent of the British.

Sharanya Deepak
Gandhi, the Muse of Indian Art

Gandhi, the Muse of Indian Art

Gandhi has been the muse of Indian artists for the better half of seven decades. Here’s looking at the different ways in which Indian artists have paid homage to the icon of the India’s Independence Movement.

Khushi Bansal
A Visual Feast Sans Sight

A Visual Feast Sans Sight

Writer Payal Kapoor illustrates her personal experience of navigating the exhibition Stories on a Banana Leaf through the accessibility features and reflects on the importance of inclusion in the country today.

Payal Kapoor