Anand Sukumar throws light on the evolution of a photography studio

Camera phones and changing attitudes have drastically cut down our visits to photo studios. So what happens inside a studio today?

Shailaja Tripathi

Creating the Gaze

How a makeshift photo studio at a village fair empowered young girls

Aparna Jayakumar

The “wonder” of the indigenous state

Discovering the painted world that Bhuri Bai secretly created and then shared with the world.

Georgina Maddox
The Spirit of Creation

The Spirit of Creation

Jagdish Swaminathan was instrumental in bringing folk and tribal art from the mud huts of rural India to the living rooms of its busy cities - two of them being Gond-Pardhan artist Jangarh Singh Shyam and Bhil artist Bhuri Bai. But who was Swaminathan and what was his significance?

Georgina Maddox