Whose Museum Is It Anyway?

Understanding the role of audience research in the arts and culture sector

What does the museum-going culture in India look like today? What are people’s perceptions of the ‘museum’ and what it has to offer? How has the pandemic affected engagement with the arts and culture sector in India? 

MAP in collaboration with ReReeti Foundation conducted audience research to hear from people across age demographics about how they engage with arts and culture and what factors act as barriers to engagement. 

Marking the launch of this report, the panel discussion with Tejshvi Jain, Rashmi Dhanwani, Carol Scott and Carolina Artegiani highlighted the need for more audience research in the arts sector and how this data can be harnessed effectively. They also touched upon key findings of the report and provided insights into how people perceive museums and what they seek out of encounters with them, in both the physical and digital spheres.


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