What does it take to make a museum inclusive?

Moderator: Meenu Bhambhani⁠

What does it take to make a museum inclusive? ⁠

Do you feel welcome in a museum? Is it a place that appeals to you and makes you feel like you belong?⁠

No matter who you are, the answer should be YES!⁠

Join us for a conversation exploring how museums and cultural institutions can and should be welcoming places that cater to the needs of all visitors. We brought together inclusion professionals who are experts in different fields, from technology and the digital world to the built environment, creating and implementing new policies and having the experience of managing inclusion in a museum on a day to day basis as well as funding non-profits who work in inclusion.⁠


* Barry Ginley, Chair, Government’s Cabinet Office Regional Stakeholder Network, south-east England

* Rama Krishnamachari, Co-Founder and Director, DEOC⁠

* Shilpi Kapoor, Founder, BarrierBreak & 247 Accessible Documents⁠

* Nipun Ompedathil, Head CSR, Mphasis

* Carolina Artegiani, Head of Development, MAP


Meenu Bhambhani⁠, Head, CSR and D&I, State Street Corporation, APAC


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