Ways of Remembering: Engaging with Studio Photography & the Archive

Manit Sriwanichpoom, Alisha Sett & Shan Bhattacharya in conversation; moderated by Varun Nayar

Conceived as part of the programming around MAP’s first digital exhibition The Business of Dreams: Photographs from the Studio of Suresh Punjabi, this panel discussion explores ideas around the history of studio photography, the nature of archives, and curatorial and artistic practices of engaging with them in the South and Southeast Asian context.

This conversation brings together curator and photographer Manit Sriwanchipoom (founder of the Kathmandu Photo Gallery in Bangkok), writer and curator Alisha Sett ( co-founder of the Kashmir Photo Collective), and photographer Shan Bhattacharya (recipient of the 2016 Umrao Singh Sher-Gil Grant for Photography). Moderated by co-curator of the Suresh Punjabi exhibition, Varun Nayar, it asks broad questions about how we process, reappropriate, and curate photographic archives––and the limits, challenges, and possibilities of such engagements.


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