Museums and the Arts

An Online Panel Discussion⁠

Museums have played a significant role in preserving, promoting and displaying the arts, but they also have a very important role in supporting the arts and artists especially within their local environment.⁠

This panel discussion explores how museums, especially in India, can work closely with the art community including the performing arts. How can museums assist in cultural rejuvenation, become hubs of creativity and use their collections to rejuvenate arts that are disappearing? And finally what should be the role of museums in preserving and supporting collections outside their spaces.⁠


* Sanjoy K Roy, Managing Director, Jaipur Literature Festival⁠

* Sanjna Kapoor, Founder, Prithvi Theatre, Junoon⁠

* Preeti Vasudevan, Founder and Artistic Director, Thresh⁠

* Karni Singh Jasol, Director, Mehrangarh Museum Trust, Jodhpur⁠


Vinod Daniel, Chair AusHeritage and Board Member International Council of Museums⁠


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