Chai, Coffee & Conversations

Stuart Freedman and Alana Hunt talk to Varun Nayar about exploring the social and political through the lens of the personal

From masala chai to filter kaapi, India’s a country of tea and coffee lovers. Bringing a unique perspective to conversations around these beloved beverages, this session features photographers Stuart Freedman and Alana Hunt in conversation with MAP Academy’s lead editor, Varun Nayar. 

Stuart Freedman is the author of The Palaces of Memory: Tales From the Indian Coffee House, that includes photographs from more than thirty branches of the India Coffee House across the country, and presents a unique window into a transforming India and the everyday life of its patrons and bearers. Alana Hunt is the creator and author of Cups of Nun Chai, a photo series and book that unfolded over two years of tea and conversation with 118 people, in Australia, India and Kashmir, documenting personal narratives and turning into a memorial for those who were killed in the summer of 2010 in Kashmir. Examining these bodies of works, this event explores the artists’ take on history, politics, change and conflict through the lens of the personal. 

This event was in collaboration with Bangalore International Centre (BIC).


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