Brews, Blues and Bars

Bengaluru's nightlife and its offerings in live music & entertainment revolve around the city’s thriving pub culture. Whether it is frequenting older rock ‘n’ roll establishments that have been around for decades, or trying out artisanal craft beers at the hippest new microbreweries - Bengaluru's denizens have long accepted pubs as their go-to recreational setting.
From drowning in drinks and dirty dancing at the Night Watchman, to cool conversations over a chilled beer at Toit, Namma Ooru’s vast and storied pub scene has stood the test of time, buzzing with life as new names and faces walk through its doors.
Join us for this session with speakers Dheeraj M Kumar, Liam Timms, and Pravesh Pandey in conversation with Vidya Iyengar, as we learn more about what distinguishes the pub culture of Bengaluru, its roots and growth, and how myriad establishments have catered to diverse audiences spanning generations.
This event is in collaboration with Heritage Beku.


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