Blurring the Lines: Fact, Fiction & Everything In-between

Munem Wasif, Pallavi Paul & Baptist Coelho in conversation with Arnika Ahldag

This panel discussion brings together three artistic practitioners who each work in a variety of mediums, including occasionally moving images. Moderated by MAP’s Associate Curator Arnika Ahldag, this session explores the thin line between fact and fiction, particularly in this contemporary moment saturated with unverified and endless media, focusing on how these artists may have used the medium of video to challenge traditional representations of documentation and truth while exploring ideas of dream and memory. 

Speaker Profile

Munem Wasif

Pallavi Paul

Baptist Coelho

Arnika in black and white with arms crossed she is wearing a striped blouse, glasses. facing and smiling into the camera, has light shoulder length hair.

Arnika Ahldag (Moderator)


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