Ableton Live Masterclass

Turn sounds of your city into music!

Your city is full of interesting sounds. Learn how to create a musical composition from the city soundscape that surrounds you!

Using the built-in samplers and FX in Ableton Live, this unique workshop led by Berklee faculty, Yoel Genin (a.k.a Shwesmo), will cover the production and sound design techniques that help you tweak and change recorded samples for use in a musical setting. Also discover composition and arrangement tools and tips, as we analyze fully produced Ableton musical projects of Shwesmo’s ‘Sample the World’ series.

This workshop forms part of the Sounds of the City project, produced by MAP in collaboration with Berklee College of Music. Earlier in September, we’d put out an open call for music producers. Our four finalists, hailing from four cities of India (Bengaluru, New Delhi, Mumbai & Kolkata), will also begin their journey to creating magical city tracks with this workshop!


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