SPATIAL AFFAIRS. Extended Reality Experiences

SPATIAL AFFAIRS. Extended Reality Experiences invites artists or choreographers for a residency at the three participating cultural institutions to develop prototypes for performances in physical spaces, interweaving body, space and technology in synergetic ways, to foster collective lived experiences.

The project is a joint programme between the cultural institutions HEK (House of Electronic Arts) in Basel, Switzerland, MAP — Museum of Art & Photography in Bangalore, India, Tabakalera International Center for Contemporary Culture in San Sebastián, Spain. Residency artists will be selected through an open call, with one call per venue. When applying, artists can choose one of the three venues to carry out their project.

Developing prototypes will either be based on the new XR (extended reality) platform AIRE, developed by iart, a platform based on a game engine that uses location tracking to design hybrid experiences in real time, supporting the residencies in Basel and Bangalore. Tech partner TEKNIKER supports projects that are exploring contexts of collaboration between physical non-human agents in confined spaces and the humans that also inhabit those spaces (including collaborative robots, machine vision, AI, XR).

This residency is intended for artists with experience in working with XR (extended reality) or clear potential in this field, and who are interested in integrating research and technological interventions into their artistic endeavours. Ideally, applicants should have some experience working in performance or installation contexts with this technology.

The residencies will last six weeks, between June, 2024 to July, 2024. Residency artists will also be involved in internal and public workshops at the venue of the location to present their work/process to the group as well as to local artistic communities.

All information about the project, including eligibility requirements and terms and conditions can be found here.

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