Museum of Art & Photography, Bengaluru (India)

“Symbiotica Vol. 2” is an XR interactive installation that gathers multiple players to weave symbiosis into each other and promote ecological succession, the process of change in the species that make up an ecological community over time. The players embody microorganisms that need to build a ‘home’ for themselves and their companions: by weaving digital threads, capturing volatile nutrients, and singing simultaneously, symbiotic interactions will allow the evolution and nourishment of a new world. This way, the players will be invited to perform a kind of guided choreography to create a digital weave on top of an actual physical sculpture.

Juan Ferrer and Natalia Cabrera are interdisciplinary artists whose works explore the microscopic world to learn sustainable, cooperative, and caring ways of relating. Based in Brooklyn and Barcelona respectively, their collaborative projects push the boundaries of science communication and immersive storytelling.