Sounds of the City

Sounds of the City

MAP’s digital festival Art is life : SoundFrames is just around the corner and we have an exciting sonic public engagement project to begin with! 

Produced in partnership with Berklee College of Music, led by Berklee faculty member, Yoel Genin, Sounds of the City invites musicians, composers and sound designers from four metros in the country – Bengaluru, Mumbai, Kolkata and Delhi to ‘capture’ the sounds that best define their city and create music and a music video with it. The four selected music producers will have two months to create magic, from October to December, and their final work will be presented in December at the festival.

With this project, we’re also looking to build a crowdsourced musical archive of the distinctive sounds that bring these cities to life.

Application & Submission Details

Residents of the four cities can participate in this project in two ways:

  • By submitting sounds of their city to make a public musical library
  • By applying for the project as a producer, where they will be mentored by Berklee College of Music faculty member, Yoel Genin [Please note: To apply as a musician, DAW (digital audio workstation) knowledge is required, preferably but not limited to Ableton]

To submit the sounds of your city, or to apply for the workshop as a musician/producer, please click here.

Application Deadline: 26 September 2021

Submitting Sounds of the City

Here are some guidelines to keep in mind while recording and submitting the sounds of your city:

  • We suggest using a portable recorder but phones can work too.
  • Get as close as possible to the origin of sound.
  • Please make sure there is no wind or any audio interference in the audio recording (even moving the hands on the phone/recorder makes noise sometimes).
  • Choose things that are distinct to your city. For instance, all cities have traffic and construction sounds, but does your city have peacocks? Or a specific type of live music that is distinct to your region? We want that!
  • Please do not send long recordings. The clips should be of maximum 30 seconds.
  • Name the file as the sound that is being presented (so we do not have to do any guess work!) along with your own name.
  • Make sure you’re sending in full quality recordings that are not compressed via apps. You can transfer the clip to your computer with a USB cable or via Bluetooth/Airdrop (instead of text / Whatsapp) and then upload to the Dropbox link provided on the form.

Applying for the Sounds of the City PRODUCER Workshop led by Berklee Faculty, Yoel Genin

By October 2021, four applicants will be selected. They will be mentored by Berklee College of Music faculty member, Yoel Genin, through three online workshops over the course of two months. Originally from Israel and currently based in Boston, Yoel Genin is a multi-genre guitarist, composer and arranger as well as a music theory and guitar teacher, currently serving as a professor at Berklee College of Music.

Each producer finalist will be given a production fund to execute the final track and an accompanying video featuring the sounds of their city. The final songs can also include lyrics composed using popular lingo from the city. The project will culminate with the final submission of the music videos by these participants, which will be launched at MAP’s digital festival Art is life : SoundFrames in December 2021.

About Yoel Genin

Shwesmo (Yoel Genin) is a Boston based Israeli producer and guitarist, combining metal, fusion and middle eastern influences into a new electronic context. With vast experience as a composer and guitarist, along with unique sound design, Shwesmo is devoted to endless exploration and breaking musical borders. As a young musician, he appeared on the big stages of his home country in various festivals and also performed across Europe. He recorded electric guitar for multiple albums of local Prog/Rock bands including ‘Soul Enema’ and ‘Between Falls’.

Yoel has also performed with, and arranged for world-class artists like Tigran Hamasyan, Antonio Serrano, Idan Raichel and Carmen Lundy. As part of the Berklee Indian Ensemble, he arranged and performed with some of the biggest Indian artists such as Raghu Dixit, Vijay Prakash and Shankar Mahadevan, in the US and India. He also joined the Prog-Metal band ‘Distorted Harmony’, and was endorsed by the unique OD guitars.

Yoel currently works as a professor at Berklee College of Music, co-directing the Contemporary Indian Ensemble class and teaching other various classes in the college.

About Berklee College of Music

Berklee is dynamic, innovative, creative, global, and bold—a place that embraces improvisation and innovation. Founded on jazz, the music of the African diaspora, and a dedication to contemporary music, Berklee is a singular institution for the study of the performing arts; contemporary music, dance, and theater. Through its centers in Boston, New York City, Valencia, Spain, Abu Dhabi, and through Berklee Online, Berklee is dedicated to nurturing the creative and career potential of the world’s most inspired artists.

The Berklee Indian Ensemble is one of the most storied collectives at the College. Celebrating their 10-year anniversary in 2021, the Ensemble is a global viral sensation with over 249 million views, renowned for their signature sound melding classical, folk, Sufi, and contemporary Indian music, with influences ranging from hip-hop and jazz to Middle Eastern and African flavors.

Berklee is delighted to partner with the Museum of Art & Photography to present several educational and musical offerings for MAP’s digital festival Art is life : SoundFrames.

Berklee’s offerings for this festival were curated by Annette Philip, Founder and Artistic Director of the Berklee Indian Ensemble.