Why I Love Art: Tracing my Mother And Leisure in M.V. Dhurandhar’s Sketch

A writer reflects on her relationship with her mother and how they found leisure in a simple activity.

Isheeta Sharma
Hands holding an embroidery hoop a needle in right hand is stitching shades of brown onto a white. Golden bangle on left wrist. Wearing a green outfit printed with flowers.

Invisibilising the Visible: The Making of the Art of Kantha in Bengal

The essay attempts to position ‘kantha’ as an art object and to trace the trajectory of textile artisans, whose voices and art have both been left outside the paradigm of art historical intervention.

Brishti Modak

Materials, Memories, Meanings: In Conversation with Shanthamani M.

Uncovering the significance of materials in Shanthamani M.’s body of work through an exclusive conversation with the artist.

Krittika Kumari
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