The Art of Scrutiny

2024-07-18 00:42:17

Adira Thekkuveettil

The Art of Scrutiny


November 5, 2023    
10:00 am - 4:00 pm


Bookings closed

Elephant in a South Indian Temple, c. 1990, C-type print, H. 25.8 cm, W. 30 cm; Paper: H. 37 cm, W. 40 cm, PHY.02251

What would happen if you were to look — really look at an image? If you were to give an image in a museum your full and conscious attention, to look, listen, read, think, and even ask it questions; what more might you unearth, beyond what you are told?

Through a one day interactive workshop, artist Adira Thekkuveettil forays into MAP’s online Collection Viewing System, Cumulus, as she prompts a playful yet critical engagement with it; to foster a deeper and more subjective understanding of what we may infer and learn from the images we consume.

This programme is organised as part of a joint digital residency with the Horniman Museum and Gardens (UK), produced by Zelda Cheatle. As MAP’s digital Artist in Residence, Adira Thekkuveettil was selected to respond and work with Cumulus. Learn more about the residency here.


Bookings are closed for this event.

Adira Thekkuveettil

Digital Artist in Residence, Museum of Art & Photography

Adira Thekkuveettil is an artist, whose work investigates photography’s entanglements with contemporary sociopolitical consciousness, especially in an urban context. She draws from family histories, archives and her own practice as a photographer to explore the lines that seemingly separate fact from fiction. Adira was a finalist for the Serendipity-Arles Grant in Lens Based Practices in 2021. Currently, she is the Course Director of Aesthetics, Criticism and Theory at Jnanapravaha Mumbai. She lives between Bangalore and Trivandrum.

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