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The Reading Room



September 10, 2022    
6:00 am - 8:00 am

“The real world is nothing like that shown on maps.” 

– Denis Wood

With this quote as its premise, Dash-Dot-Dash looks at what it means to map a part of the city using personal observations. This workshop, organised in collaboration with The Reading Room, aims to challenge singular, official narratives of public spaces, and establish more intimate and meaningful, as well as personal and communal relationships with ‘place’.

The city produces threshold spaces – zones where concrete things and less material impressions intermingle. By re-mapping the street through our experience of boundaries, between public and private spaces and through the lenses of accessibility, safety, and the five senses, the workshop will equip participants to explore, act on, and bring these shifting thresholds to light.

In this workshop, participants will walk around Cubbon Park and its vicinity, gathering back at MAP’s Education space to co-create maps.

The walk starts at the State Central Library in Cubbon Park.

The Reading Room is a collaborative storytelling project that enables us to think of places differently.

This is a paid workshop with limited spots. The registration fee includes a specially designed toolkit that participants will be able to take back and refreshments.

Nikhila Nanduri


Nikhila Nanduri is an artist and writer. In her work, she is interested in people-centric stories that are big on feelings, aphorisms and insights as they form a layered view of the world around her. She has over four years of experience working as an artist and designer. Her graphic narratives and writing have been published by, Yoda Press and Oral History UK.

The Reading Room

Storytelling Project

The Reading Room is a collaborative storytelling project that enables us to think of ‘place’ differently. Through storytelling, we can take the initiative of redefining a place beyond its history and geography.

As makers of place, stories can be drawn from lived experiences or personal encounters. The Reading Room is home to all stories — from places without names on a map to segregated and integrated places, of places you wish you’d gone to or hadn’t, or the farthest you go in a day. The Reading Room works as a dialogue between storytellers and their listeners. The experience of a story will create conversations, trigger thoughts, and make meaningful connections. 

It is supported by BeFantastic, Goethe-Institut/Max Meuller Bhavan, ZKM Karlsruhe.

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