Sign Language: History & Art

2024-07-14 03:32:37

Hardeep Singh, Sunil Sahasrabudhe

Sign Language: History & Art


September 19, 2023    
5:30 pm - 7:00 pm


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As part of celebrations during the International Week for Deaf People (IWDP), we’re excited to delve into the world of sign language and its profound connections to art. 

In this event, Sunil Sahasrabudhe, Founder and CEO of SIGNEX and the President of the All India Federation of the Deaf, will take us on a journey through the fascinating history of Indian Sign Language (ISL). This will be followed by Hardeep Singh, Inclusion Coordinator at MAP exploring the artistic dimensions of sign language and looking at how sign language has inspired and influenced artistic expressions.

Access: ISL interpreters will be available, as with MAP’s other public programmes. The Mazumdar Shaw Auditorium is also equipped with an audio induction loop system. For any additional access requirements, please reach out to us at

This event has been organised as part of the International Week for Deaf People. Please register your seat on the link above.


This event is fully booked.

Hardeep Singh

Inclusion Coordinator, MAP

Hardeep Singh is the Inclusion Coordinator at MAP. He is a multimedia designer and artist with more than 5 years of experience dedicated to serving the Deaf community and promoting inclusion. Hardeep creates awareness through his artistic skills and undertakes freelance projects for designing logos, flyers, videos, and basic websites. He taught Indian Sign Language at a major technology company in India. His mother tongue is ISL and has a family background of over 10 deaf members.

Sunil Sahasrabudhe

Founder and CEO, SIGNEX

Sunil Sahasrabudhe is the Founder and CEO of SIGNEX and the President of the All India Federation of the Deaf. He is born Deaf to Deaf parents and has a younger brother who is also Deaf. Sunil lives in Mumbai with his Deaf wife Shweta and a 17 year old Hearing daughter Kimaya. With multiple academic degrees under his belt (B.Com, B.Ed. (HI), M.Ed. (HI) and MA (By Research), Sunil offers sign language and Deaf education-related consultancy to many business organisations as well as NGOs.

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