Blue Material: An All Dalit Stand-up Comedy Show

2024-04-25 15:51:04

Ankur Tangade, Anudeep Katikala, Manaal Patil, Radhe Krishna Ram, Ravi Gaikwad

Blue Material: An All Dalit Stand-up Comedy Show


October 29, 2023    
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Blue comedy is a form of humour known for its provocative and adult-themed content, which may involve discussions of sensitive topics. The colour blue is also associated with the anti-caste movement, signifying the colour of the sky — a representation of non-discrimination, that under the sky, everyone is believed to be equal. 

Join us for Blue Material, a stand-up comedy show and collective with an all Dalit lineup. The show is grounded within the personal as political; we use humour to highlight the realities of caste and intersecting forms of oppression. All this is constructed within a plethora of well structured jokes. 

This event is intended for mature audiences and may include language that some may find unconventional, daring, or immodest. The event will be bilingual, featuring English and Hindi for various sets in the programme.

The performance has been curated under Living Cultures, MAP’s public programming theme for the quarter. Through this theme, we explore practices and evolution of cultures: shaping identity, representing beliefs, but also reimagined and revived by new encounters and changing contexts.

Ankur Tangade

Stand-up Comedian

Ankur Tangade, an accomplished stand-up comedian, has been a part of the stand-up scene since 2018. Her comedic repertoire features sets that offer a unique glimpse into the life of a Queer Dalit Woman, predominantly expressed through clever one-liners.

Anudeep Katikala

Stand-up Comedian

Anudeep Katikala, an IITB alumnus, has ventured beyond the world of engineering to follow his true passion — comedy. Through his art form, he thoughtfully addresses the complex issue of the caste system in our country. Additionally, he shares his observations and humorous insights, leaving audiences with a heartwarming smile.

Manaal Patil

Stand-up Comedian

Manaal Patil, embarked on his comedic journey in 2015 in Mumbai. His performances delve into the experiences of growing up as a Dalit individual in the upscale neighbourhoods of Bandra. He candidly explores his journey of self-discovery, the significance of reservation, and the comical misadventures shared with his Savarna friends.

Radhe Krishna Ram

Stand-up Comedian

Radhe Krishna Ram entered the comedy scene in 2021, in Varanasi. His performances offer a captivating narrative of his transition from village life to the bustling urban world, all while navigating the complexities of being a Dalit individual dating a Savarna girl. With a touch of satirical humour, he artfully highlights the challenges he encountered in his village, leaving audiences with both laughter and food for thought.

Ravi Gaikwad

Stand-up Comedian

Ravi Gaikwad has been gracing the stage with laughter-inducing performances since 2019. He boasts a diverse array of stand up sets, delving into themes such as conservative friends, conservative uncles, and the intriguing world of Savarna and Dalit rappers, interwoven with a collection of personal anecdotes.

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