Zobop by Jim Lambie


Zobop, by Jim Lambie, is a floor installation created of concentric lines of polychromatic vinyl that reinterpret the architectural layout of the gallery at MAP. This series dates back to 1999 when the Scottish artist first exhibited it at Transmission in Glasgow. Zobop was conceived as a unique display at every space it is featured in, giving the work new life.

Drawing from the progressions in Jazz music, Zobop is an homage to the Bebop movement. The concentric lines featured in this artwork are a reflection of the movements within the melodies of Jazz; encouraging viewers to navigate the space through their own interpretations, be it aesthetically or conceptually.

We gratefully acknowledge the support of the Mazumdar-Shaw Philanthropy, whose generous contribution has made this installation possible. This installation is dedicated to the memory of the late John Shaw who has supported MAP from the very beginning.


Zobop Installation at MAP Bengaluru | Photo Credit: Philippe Calia

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