Tarik Currimbhoy: Cobra 1/1

The Cobra 1/1 (2022) stands at a height of six feet and showcases a female cobra created in stainless steel, on display in MAP’s reception area. Tarik Currimbhoy’s fascination with cobras stems from an early encounter with the serpent on the streets of Mumbai. The artist was particularly drawn to the sinuous movement of the serpent reflected in the curvilinear form of the sculpture. Moreover, the kinetic nature of the work invites viewers to engage with it on a tactile level; to touch it, feel it and observe its movement. 

Tarik Currimbhoy, born in Mumbai, India, resides and works in New York. Having been classically trained in the arts, industrial design, and architecture, with a BFA and a Master of Architecture from the Pratt Institute, as well as a Master of Arts from Cornell University, Currimbhoy’s work explores movement, gravity, balance and purity of form. Inspired by the ancient architecture of building blocks resting on each other, Currimbhoy uses handcrafting and ancient casting techniques to create distilled forms driven by these forces of nature. His sculptures are “stories of structure and gravity”, held together under compression in stone and metal.

Tarik Currimbhoy, Cobra 1/1, 2022, 316L Stainless steel, MAC.00793, Gifted by Tarik & Nayana Currimbhoy

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