Zoya Siddiqui: A distant Place

The exhibition brings together works by the artist Zoya Siddiqui that explore belonging and belief, and what it means to build a place of belonging far away from home.

Bhuri Bai: My Life as an Artist

An online exhibition that charts the life of the painter, muralist and illustrator, Bhuri Bai. Curated, for the first time, in collaboration with the artist, the exhibition elaborates on her experiences and travels as a contemporary artist.

A new digital museum for a new era

MAP’s new platform offers curated experiences in a completely new way to keep audiences engaged, right from the comfort of their homes. Now you can explore the museum, anywhere and anytime!

Art (is) Life

MAP’s digital launch was celebrated with a week-long virtual festival that featured a number of well-known cultural figures. Journey through MAP’s Collection in the form of storytelling, performances and international museum collaborations!

Engineer of the Enchanted Forest: Jangarh Singh Shyam

This Discover MAP pack introduces you to one of India’s most famous ‘tribal’ artists, who pioneered the Gond-Pardhan school of art. Learn about the Jangarh Kalam and how to recreate it yourself!

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The MAP Collection



Mediating the Gaze in a Lens-based...

Artist Zoya Siddiqui in conversation with Anushka Rajendran.

The Chair That Grows Out of...

An illustrated talk by Mateo Kries

A Walk on the Wild Side:...

Akhila Krishnan (Kadak Collective) and Indu Antony in conversation with Shilpa Vijayakrishnan

In Focus: Explorations of Select Works...

Abhishek Poddar in conversation with Sumantra Ghoshal


Conservation: Now and the Future

Conservation: Now and the Future

19 February 2021 Krittika Kumari

The role of conservators, especially those working primarily with museum collections, goes beyond mere physical maintenance or restoration of the...

What Is New Media?

What Is New Media?

5 February 2021 Girinandini Singh

Traditionally when we think of art we think of paintings, sculptures, oils, drawings, charcoals, screen-printing, and more recently photography. So...

The Wonder of Islamic Art

The Wonder of Islamic Art

9 February 2021 Krittika Kumari

Navina Haider's comprehensive lecture allowed viewers to journey through centuries of Islamic art, all the while elaborating on how Islam...

MAP Kids

Map kids

Face Value: Early Portraits in Indian Art

Unpack the secret codes behind early portrait making, learn about idealised portraits, royal portraits and make your own portraits!

Creatures of Culture: Animals in Art

Explore the zoological world in art, develop cool animal characters and stories, design your family emblem and more!


Museums without Borders

Linking collections around the world, this series is a unique digital collaboration between MAP and institutions in India and across the world, with each episode juxtaposing an artwork from MAP with an object from the partner museum.