In Conversation with Tel Aviv Museum of Art

Tania Coen-Uzzielli in conversation with Kamini Sawhney

This episode of MAP’s Director’s Cut series features Tania Coen-Uzzielli, Director of Tel Aviv Museum of Art.

Established in 1932, Tel Aviv Museum of Art is Israel’s first art museum and one of the country’s most prominent cultural institutions featuring modern and contemporary Israeli and international art. Now in its ninth decade, the Tel Aviv Museum of Art continues to play a major role in the Israeli art scene. Its rich and comprehensive local art collection continues to expand and serves as a focus of vibrant art activity. As a dynamic and multidisciplinary cultural centre, it offers a wide range of educational and cultural activities, and instigates and hosts unique projects that draw the general public.

The Director’s Cut series, anchored by MAP’s Director, Kamini Sawhney, offers a glimpse into how the institution of the museum is being reimagined and reinvented today and presents a unique opportunity to hear from reputed practitioners in museums around the world as they reflect on their institutional experiences, behind-the-scenes challenges, unique initiatives, and more.


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