Online Course: Textiles from the Indian Subcontinent

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From historic techniques to contemporary innovation, this course explores the fascinating evolution of textiles from the region, through a series of engaging videos and illustrated texts. With a thematic approach to a vast history, you’ll gain an understanding of techniques, styles, motifs and critical ideas, while examining the place of textile traditions within broader visual cultures through art forms such as paintings, drawings and photographs. The course will also introduce the intricate networks of trade and cultural exchange surrounding South Asian textiles, and the intimate relationships between textiles and their makers.

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Course Structure

Materials and Making

Forms and Functions

Communal Ties

Threads of Faith

Cloth as Currency

Exploits and Revolts

Opulance and Innovation

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A Dyer prepares hanks of silk yarn for a temple cloth, From ‘Dance of the Weave’, Nuapatna, Orissa, 2009. © Briana Blasko
Chintz Fragment with Tulips and Insects, Coromandel Coast, India, c.1700-30, Hand-drawn on cotton cloth using dyes, mordants and resists, 13 cm x 20 cm, Image courtesy of the Karun Thakar Collection.

Detail, Francesco Renaldi, Muslim Lady Reclining/ An Indian Girl with a Hookah, 1789, Oil on canvas, Courtesy the Yale Center for British Art, Connecticut.

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